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Bicycle lock problems happen all the time.
From lost keys to jammed locks, we solve them all. We provide a 24 hour bicycle release service. With you within 30 minutes and your bicycle released within 10.

We provide multiple solutions to the various types of bicycle locks which include D locks, chains, Brake locks, U locks, Code locks and many more. From picking to grinding our technician will offer the best solution for your time and finances.
D locks happen to be the most common as these provide good all round security. The main brands we come across are Kryptonite and Abus, both heavy duty brands.These require heavy tools to release and they need to be battery operated, both of which we carry at all times for your convenience.

Bicycle lock types 
         and our recommendations

Cable locks

These locks are the weakest of the bunch. We seriously advise upgrading in the near future as these can be easily cut with cutters or pliers.

Chain locks

These locks can be effective if paired with a closed shackle padlock. We also advise using a heavy duty chain as lighter chains can also be cut fairly easily.
D Locks

D locks in particular can be very good. They vary from brand to brand, but have the same solid metal core, just choose a thick one and you will be safe.

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