Door repairs

    Door repairs

After burglary door boarding

Have you been burgled? Was there an attempted burglary? Has you're door been broken down by emergency services? Do you need an emergency temporary solution to keep your home safe?
If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you have come to the right place. We provide a 24/7 door boarding service
and will even offer a discount on installing a new door as soon as the same day, provided its in the early hours of the morning.

Broken door replacement

Has your door broken beyond repair? Do you have an old door that needs replacing? Are you looking at upgrading your front door? Has your door been broken by a burglar or emergency services?
In burglary cases your home insurance will have this covered, with our invoice you will have no problems claiming it.
We provide a same day door replacement service. We offer a variety of doors and a huge range of locks from you to choose from. Locks installed by a Locksmith, door installed by door professionals. What could be more reliable?

Seasonal door refurbishment

Front doors are the entrance to our homes, the gateway to family and the yellow brick road to safety. They need refurbishing once every few years or so no matter how good they are when installed. That's what we do. Repairs, Refurbishments and upgrades, all in a days work. 

Doors, locks & accessories Supplied and fitted!

With us you don't have any work, all the worries are taken off your mind. Locks of high standards, doors of high standards and good looking accessories. We have a team do your door, and a Locksmith install your lock once it's done. Locks, doors and accessories are under 1 year warranty from date of installation. 

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